Big Ol' Machine dress (Christine Haynes Emery pattern with pleated skirt)

Magpie Feather Dress (BHL Flora bodice with pleated Christine Haynes' Emery skirt)

The Flibbertygibbet Dress (Lady Skater pattern by Kitschy Coo)

The Scrappy Quilt of Joy

Tilly and the Buttons Coco top

Head to Mistletoe dress (B4443)

Cabbage patch doll dress

Girl's gathered skirts

Black and white and read all over dress (Simplicity 1873)

the Vincent dress (By Hand London Flora pattern)

The Meadow Dress (B4443) and cushion covers!

The Blue Dress

My Wedding Dress (photograph by Hannah Mia Photography)

Silk slip / nightdress (GBSB pattern)

Lilypad dress (B4443 with circle skirt)
All a-quiver dress (Christine Haynes Emery)

Harlo's Quilt
Taking the Michael skirt (McCalls 7316)  (X)